Sunday, March 14, 2010

A'hoy ye landlovers.

This week I would like to encourage you to take a deep breathe. Take a step back from the over-whelming work load that the upcoming spring always seems to bring.

Okay, so you're stressed. Things have to accomplished yes. I know there is no way around that fact. But you don't have to let the stress effect other parts of you're life.

Had a stressful day at work or school? May I suggest a fun radio station on the commute home, a quick picture in your mind of a beautiful sunset from the bow of your boat, a deep breathe and leave it all behind. Enjoy the time you have away from what is causing your stress. Spend some time with people you care about.

This week my recommendation is to breathe. Let it out like the tide, a nice deep breathe will refresh you.


Doreen "Stace" G said...

Great post Rhiannon. Its like you know exactly how we are all feeling! lol. Thanks for the great advice, with the crazy work load this definately helped me.


alanna said...

I always forget about that whole breathing thing... thanks for the reminder, Rhiannon.

becky's addictions said...

I think it is safe to say that everyone is feeling the pressure right about now. I know I am! These last few weeks of school are the most stressed I have ever been. Thanks for the breathing advice. A deep breath really does help sometimes.

Miss S said...

Stress is everywhere unfortunately. I agree that breaks from the insanity are essential! I love when I get in my car and just blast some funky music. I makes everything go away for just a little while. My car as boat works wonders. ;)

katie kiedis said...

Rhiannon, first off, your blog is fantastic. Secondly, I literally took a deep breath when I was reading this (and you said to). It's true, why sweat the small stuff? I try to not worry about things I can't control. Half the time, stress is what you make of it-- in school, get your stuff done early, that way you're not scrambling last minute to finish something. At work-- don't bring your problems/gossip home with you, it will take over your life and it doesn't have to!

Or, in your case, put it on a boat! Love it.

Walter said...


I love your attitude. As we all know, sometimes it's difficult just to keep the head above water, but realising that everything will turn out fine is the best kind of head gear.
However, sometimes bettering the environment around you means bettering yourself.

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