Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sprung a leak? Get the Duct Tape.

Sometimes your boat can spring a leak and flood back into your mind. In spirit of the great Canadian tradition, I recommend the use some mental duct tape.

I understand the boat enthusiasts out there would probably not use duct tape as their main repair tool, but I find it works quite well for this purpose.

Whether the cargo of your boat is an assignment mark, an argument or another person sometimes it can find its way back into your mind. (A good navigation system was installed without your knowledge. The contractors put it under "upgrades".) When this persistence happens two things should happen.

1. A quick re-evaluation. Sometimes a boat will spring a leak because it is something you shouldn't have put on a boat. Not all things in life can be set off to sea right away. As much as you may not want to deal with it, you may have to. Then, if the results are unfavorable, put those out to sea.
However, sometimes a boat will spring a leak because it is just persistent. Things don't just disappear because they are on a boat. You may encounter them in your daily life.

2. In the case it is just persistent cargo, GET THE DUCT TAPE! Repair the leak and send it on it's way.

Remember that towel I kept mentioning? This is when it's most handy!


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