Sunday, February 21, 2010

How my boat led me to world domination.

What's better then a night in and a board game with good friends? Uncontested global domination! But the road to becoming the world leader is filled with game playing, name-calling, alliance dodging and a cunning poker face. This does not bring out the best in people! You enter the room with 5 friends, then magically with the placement of little plastic people you are dealing with an every man for himself, war-zone.

I know what the game of RISK can do to people, I am veteran of many games now. I even recall saying to the group before we started, "I don't like what people become during this game." That is why I now bring to my army, a naval division. I am commander and chief in my own private ship where I am free to see the board and my strategies without the mind games.

This is the game board as we started placing the reinforcements. Even then people played their strategies and trying to out the other person's strategy for their gain.

After playing the game for a little while, lines have been drawn. Some panic sets in. Some bad rolls, losing armies in your defense. It's easy to get distracted from the main goal. To outlast! I headed to my boat to regroup. Sitting back, watching who was trying to do what.

Being able to separate myself from the hectic world of risk and remain calm really helped me. A visit to my boat, this one happened to be very old-world British fleet inspired, was my sanctuary. Other people were put onto boats and set a float. One by one, the armies fell around me.

And the yellow army rejoiced. The war was over and we had won.


Zoe said...

I love Risk!! I would always hold onto iceland no matter what, it was my headquaters.

Miss Dalton said...
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Amanda Pezzaniti said...

Oh RISK. It is a tricky little game and you must be careful who you play with. I become very ruthless and only my true friends could put up with who I become. Others need to stay away or I will loose them as a friend. I am very competitive.

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