Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost at sea. Storming and confused.

It's very easy to say "It's on the boat." Sometimes, as much as you want it to be on the boat a storm has come and swirling thoughts take over.

I have been known to get lost at sea. I somehow strayed from the shipping lanes and am now trapped in a storm, my only thought is the exact thing I am trying to forget about. Feeling down on myself for the decisions that were made or something I can't change.

As time goes by, I have realized that weather is a part of any sailing trip. We are only human. Emotions can get the better of us. The key is to realize you are stuck in a storm, but all storms do pass. So batten down the hatches and enjoy the ride.

Everyday of life is a new adventure. The mantra I have chosen to repeat to myself is "I'm new and I'm trying." I may not know everything. In fact, I am convinced I will never know everything. I am not going to stop pushing forward because of fear of the unknown. The best discoveries have been made by embracing the unknown and rolling with the punches.


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