Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Love Boat


Love makes us do crazy things. Say crazy things. Think crazy things.

Love can be a whirlwind of emotions. Passionate fights and embraces.

In pursuit of love we may come across situations that, to put it frankly, just plain suck. These situations are an excellent candidate to put on a boat of their own and do with as you see fit. 

Now that I have found that love, the boat's purpose has changed for me.

***gushing girlfriend alert. If you don't want to read that skip to last paragraph!***

My boat is no longer a place to escape from all these ups and downs as much as I may want to sometimes as these are all part of the adventure. My boat is somewhere I go to escape all the hustle and bustle of the world and give the love I share a chance to thrive. We humans are distracted with our jobs, our bank accounts and so many other things that sometimes it is hard to remember what brings a smile to your face. I am very lucky to have someone in my life that makes me feel complete. And that completeness is what I go to my boat for. 

No matter where we are in the world, even 5,000 kms apart, he is there to support me, hold me up because we are on that boat. Nothing in the world can take that away from me.

What I suggest you might take away from this is,
Remember the landscape that we travel through is constantly changing and so is the purpose of the boat. Embrace that and you're on your way to finding that happy place!


Joanna said...

Sweetheart, this is precious. I am a sap for love, anything about it. When I saw the line,"gushing girlfriend alert. If you don't want to read that skip to last paragraph!*** My eyes clued in even more.This is delightful. I have a quote you can add if you like.

"Just savour the journey and don't worry about the destination, it will find you in due time"

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